Label & Code Your Boxes

Label Accordingly

Write down the destination, describe the contents, and special instructions.

  1. Write The Destination: (i.e. Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bed, Master Restroom, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Etc.)
  2. Describe The Contents: (i.e. “Books, DVD’s, DVD Player, Playstation, Etc.)
  3. Write Special Instructions: in BIG / BOLD letters such as “FRAGILE” and/or “Don’t Place Anything On Top”

Use The Color Code System

Pick a color for each room and place a sticker on the sides of your boxes to categorize them. Be sure to place a matching sticker/tape on the door of each room to make it easier to identify where each box is supposed to go.

  • For Example:
    • Yellow: Kitchen
    • Red: Dining Room
    • Blue: Living Room
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