Money Saving Hacks

Moving can be expensive. We've come up with an awesome list to cut back on these costs. Make the best out of your move and save money at the same time.

  • Look in your home
  • Visit your local liquor store to ask if they can give you beer & wine boxes. Find out if they will throw any away or recycle that you can give away. Inspect the boxes, if any are worn you can use them to put away lightweight items like linnens and towels. *Remember these boxes are not new, so be wary of what you put in them.
  • Bookstores

Budget Moving Tips


  1. Beer Boxes are great to put away your kitchen glasses since they already come with dividers. Also, depending on the type of box you use, some already have handles on the side.

Packing Smart

Check to see if you have original boxes to electrnics

  • Instead of boxes you can use suitcases, laundry baskets, and hampers.
  • Use storage bins and luggage to put away out-of-season clothes (i.e. winter coats). No need to unpack, ready for storage.
    • Seasonal items: holiday decor

Free Moving Supplies

Things you can use in place of certain supplies

  • Instead of Furniture Pads: Use thick blankets, bedcovers
  • Instead of Packing Paper: Use magazines or Ask your local newspaper distribuitor for bundles of unsold newspaper (FYI: Ink can smear so only do this on glassware)
  • Instead of Box Cutters: Use scissors or kitchen knives
  • Instead of Bubblewrap: Use clothes as fillers
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